Fuel Tanks: What You Need to Know about Maintenance

Diesel generators are very important in terms of maintaining mission-critical facilities like data centers, hospitals, and grocery stores. But maintenance is vital in order to ensure a consistent performance. Therefore, understanding the importance of tank maintenance and how to effectively create a maintenance strategy is a must.

Diesel fuel has two main enemies: bacteria and water vapor. Since water vapor condenses in fuel tanks, this creates a condition for microbial growth. Then, this results in intense microbial contaminations of the system which leads to downtime and expensive repairs. The change in the color of the fuel is a good indicator that the fuel is contaminated. Some of the negative effects of this would include: poor detergency, reduced efficiency of combustion, elevated cloud and pour point, plugged fuel filter, and increased corrosion of the fuel components.


The Role of Fuel Tank

This microbial fuel contamination is caused by fungi and bacteria, which need water and food to thrive. And in the case of fuel tanks, diesel is their lifeblood. Since oil and water do not mix, microorganisms congregate in the fuel water interface. This is often formed at the bottom of the tank. In order to be microbe free and keep the fuel clean, water should be less available which would mean less chance for fuel bugs to survive.

Keeping the fuel tank clean will greatly help avoid contamination. The prevention method should include the control and evaluation of fuel system maintenance, fuel monitoring, fuel treatment, and fuel monitoring program (microorganisms).


Fuel Treatment

Fuel treatment is necessary to support any maintenance step when it comes to preventing the stored fuel from being contaminated with bacteria. During this stage, the fuel and water bottom should be treated to control the infection. Biomass from the system should also be removed.

Heavy growth of microbes can be treated with the use of a diesel fuel biocide after clarifying the fuel and mechanically processing the fuel, sludge, and water bottoms. This process is called fuel scrubbing and polishing.

Diesel fuel that has been contaminated needs to be removed from the tank and should be dewatered, clarified, and polished. Do this by mixing a media filtration system and fiber filter. Then, the shock level of diesel fuel biocide should be injected to the clean stream of processed fuel.

Make sure that the storage tank is well-cleaned and sterilized before reusing it. Any residue should be removed. It is also important to do a visual inspection of the interior part of the tank, as well as its pipe fittings. They should be inspected for proper function, clean lines, and corrosion.

With the help of proper care and efficient fuel tanks maintenance, you will have a trouble-free operation of your engines.

The Best Tips in Choosing Eco Tiles

Are you considering to remodel your bathroom or kitchen? If yes, then some of the materials that you will likely purchase for these spaces would be floor and wall tiles. If you have started with your search, for sure you might have been overwhelmed with so many options available for you to choose from when it comes to colors, textures, and shapes.

Of course, you would want to make the right choice in order to achieve a beautiful-looking space that you will enjoy for a long time without having to do remodeling. If you are one of the many consumers who are environment-friendly, then eco tiles would be the best choice for you. Here are some things you need to consider as choose this type.

Recycled Content

It is important that you consider if the tiles are composed of recycled materials. Choose the ones that have high-recycled content that are mainly composed of pre-consumer recycled waste from scraps of marble or stone industry.


Renewable Material

You also need to check if the tiles are made up of renewable materials. This would mean that although new materials have been extracted, they can still be replenished so the impact is low. For instance, bamboo tiles look appealing in the bathroom and since they actually grow at a fast speed, they are considered as sustainable materials. But make sure that they do not contain formaldehyde (a toxic material).



There are some materials that are composed of nasty chemicals that are utilized as adhesives or binders in the assembly or production of tiles. For instance, ceramic tiles have mineral products so they do not contain VOCs. But there are some types of tiles that have artificial materials in them. Check if the adhesives and tiles that you choose do not have any VOCs or any kind of toxic chemicals as they can affect the health.


Energy Used

Another aspect of this non slip eco tiles is the low amount of energy that is being used during the production process. In fact, some of them can be cured instead of fired. They are usually made of various colors of cement or clay and are produced by hand using a hydraulic press and mold.

Opting for tiles as a way of decorating the home is a challenging task. Especially that there are so many options to choose from in the market, choosing can take time and confusing. To make things easier for you, you can consider those manufacturers that have already established a good reputation in the tile industry. You can choose and purchase from them and be confident that you are getting the best quality. Doing this will ensure that you will be getting the best returns for your investment.

Marketing Agency: Are You Looking for One?

It is always a wise decision to hire a marketing agency so you can take your business to the next and better level. However, the challenge is finding the right one that can do the needed work and can bring in more customers for you. But before you invest all your hard-earned money to the potential agency, there are a few things that you have to consider.

Today, the internet has greatly changed the lifestyle of many people in various ways. But experts consider this as a step to further expansion. The online world at present has become so important that it has even been. For example, people now turn online to search for information instead of going to libraries. At the same time, newspapers are becoming less popular today as people make use of the internet to acquire information.

In addition, television is closely competing with the internet. A lot of shows are now broadcasted online and people are spending lesser time watching TV.

All these simply means that, if you have a business and you want to get more customers and prospects, you need to secure a compelling web presence. So many businesses are trying to catch up with this and this is leading to the increasing number of entrepreneurs who seek the help of marketing agencies.

So, does these agencies help the business?

What a digital marketing agency can do is to research and analyze the market and all its details where the client’s business belongs in. This is important so they can come up with an effective marketing campaign. This will help the products and services of the clients to reach the target market.

While the traditional marketing agency makes use of usual strategies like TV commercials, Ads, newspapers, billboards and magazines, an online agency promotes the business using the internet. To make this happen the agency need to have well-trained staff who knows the search engines, SEO, affiliate marketing, article marketing, PPC, email marketing and so many other methods.

The agency, as part of their marketing and promotion, may decide to design or adjust the website. With this, they can make sure that the client’s website will not only be catchy, but can bring in customers and prospects.

Just like with traditional agencies, the goal of the agency is to brand the products and the business, not solely promote the business. Only that it is done on the internet.


Would You Hire One?

This is perhaps the most common question that business owners are asked of. Making the decision can really be difficult, especially if there are so many factors that you have to consider as well. But if you think that your business really needs help and you have some budget to spare, then it would be great to take the risk of investing in an agency to improve the business.