The Advantages of Undergoing A Gastric Sleeve Surgery

As gastric sleeve surgery is advantageous for people who may be categorized as obese. The surgery is known to be a less invasive procedure compared to the other available options. It involves the removal of about 85% of the stomach leaving what looks like a tube or sleeve. The surgery is performed laparoscopically and needs small incisions instead of large ones. The surgeon inserts a tube with a small camera and other instruments needed for the procedure. As soon as the procedure is done, the tube shape created in the stomach will be closed with the use of staples.

Losing Weight

When a patient has lost a great amount of weight, he might be schedules to have a gastric bypass surgery. This second surgery is less risky. This called as staged approach to losing weight. The time needed for the two procedures would typically be 6-18 months after the first one was performed.


Laparoscopic Surgery

Given that the gastric sleeve surgery is done laparoscopically, this means that patients do not need to spend a long time in the hospital. In the majority of cases, they are only required to be in the hospital for 1-2 days. Also, the recovery time is shorter that when a larger incision is made when performing the procedure. Given these, this makes this surgery more preferred by patients and surgeons.

After the surgery, patients can expect to experience a tender and swollen abdomen for a few days. In most cases, surgeons will prescribe some medicines to help in the discomfort. When it comes to the diet, patients who have undergone this surgery needs to be on a liquid-only type of diet for at least two weeks after the procedure. After that, they will be allowed to consume pureed foods for another two weeks. The final step will be eating solid foods after two weeks.


Health Benefits

The majority of patients who had the surgery were able to lose at least 50-80 percent of excess body weight in the first six months after the procedure. Also, it has been shown that patients who had the surgery showed improvement in high blood pressure, diabetes, sleep apnea, and high cholesterol in the first two years after the surgery.


Weight Loss Surgery

The surgery is very beneficial kind of weight loss surgery. If you think that this is the right one for you, be sure to consult with a physician to discuss whether or not you are a qualified candidate for this surgery. The physician can advice if you can move on with it or if other types are more applicable and will be beneficial for you considering your needs and other health concerns. It is always a matter of finding one that will best work for you.


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